Emsella - The Non-Invasive Solution to Pelvic Health

Emsella Chair - In Office Treatment

What is Emsella?

Dr. Karen Zaghiyan is pleased to introduce the FIRST and ONLY non-invasive solution for incontinence as well as various other conditions of the pelvic floor in her Los Angeles, CA practice! Emsella uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to contract and strengthen the pelvic muscles. One session is equivalent to doing 11,000 kegel exercises on your own! During the procedure, you remain fully clothed while you sit on a the Emsella chair for 30 minutes.  Most individuals require six treatments over a three-week period.

Who may benefit?

The procedure was initially FDA approved for treatment of urinary incontinence in women and later in men. Since introducing Emsella, Dr. Zaghiyan’s patients have noticed improvements not only in various types of urinary incontinence including overflow and stress urinary incontinence, but also bowel incontinence, post-partum pelvic floor weakness, and sexual dysfunction. Many individuals also choose Emsella for restoration of the pelvic floor after pregnancy, gynecologic or urologic surgery, colorectal and anorectal surgery.

Pregnancy and menopause

Pregnancy and menopause are key contributors of weakening pelvic floor strength. The weight carried during pregnancy can stretch and weaken the pelvic floor while fluctuations in hormones in menopause can affect function. Episiotomy and tears during vaginal delivery can cause trauma to the pelvic and anal muscles. Some women notice immediate disturbance in function after pregnancy, while many remain symptom-free for decades before symptoms manifest.

Pelvic surgery

Pelvic surgery including hysterectomy, prostatectomy, bladder surgery, colorectal resections for diverticulitis, cancer, or inflammatory bowel disease may affect nerve function and pelvic floor strength. Sexual dysfunction may occur due to nerve stretch and injury.

Anal surgery

Surgeries for anal fistula, hemorrhoids, anal fissure can alter pelvic/anal muscle strength and function.

With Emsella, pelvic floor strength and function can be restored and optimized to treat current symptoms and prevent long-term pelvic health disorders.

Why are we so excited about Emsella?

Pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction affects almost half of all women and one sixth of men across the United States. These conditions may range from bowel and urinary incontinence or leakage, to pelvic organ prolapse (including rectocele, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse, and cystocele), anal sphincter dysfunction or tears, sexual dysfunction, and defecation disorders.

Until recently, few restorative treatments were available. Emsella is the first non-surgical, non-invasive, and restorative treatment for the pelvic floor. As a colorectal surgeon with an interest in optimizing function and quality of life, Dr. Zaghiyan is proud to pioneer a completely non-invasive and effective solution for conditions of the pelvic floor.

What are the advantages of Emsella?

Does Emsella replace pelvic floor physical therapy?

For many individuals Emsella provides high-intensity kegels and strengthening beyond the ability of one’s own kegels and those of physical therapy. For others, Emsella may be used as an adjunct to optimize physical therapy outcomes. This can be especially true in individuals that need help learning to engage and appropriately disengage pelvic floor muscles during toilet time & intercourse.

Why choose our practice for your Emsella treatment?

To our knowledge, there are no other colorectal surgery practices offering Emsella in California!

As a colorectal surgeon with expertise in pelvic health, Dr. Zaghiyan will perform a thorough evaluation to guide your individualized treatment plan. Together, you will choose the treatment solution that best fits your needs. With her gentle and caring approach and firm understanding of the emotional impact of pelvic health, Dr. Karen Zaghiyan will guide each step from diagnosis to treatment to reach a resolution to your health concerns. We are excited to share this amazing treatment solution with you! Call us in our Los Angeles, CA office to schedule a consultation and put an end to your pelvic health concerns.

Karen Zaghiyan, MD

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