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Office Procedures for Hemorrhoids


Sclerotherapy – Performed in the office by Dr. Zaghiyan, sclerotherapy is a method to shrink hemorrhoids using a solution of 5% phenol and olive oil. The procedure causes minimal discomfort and patients may return to regular activity the same day.

Infrared coagulation (IRC) – This treatment uses heat to create scarring and shrinkage of the hemorrhoids. Similar to sclerotherapy, the procedure causes minimal discomfort and is performed in the office by Dr. Zaghiyan. Patients may return to regular activity the same day.

Rubber band ligation – Using an anoscope, Dr. Zaghiyan will place a small rubber band around the hemorrhoids, cutting off their blood supply. The hemorrhoids and the band fall off in a few days. Patients may experience mild discomfort or bleeding. Patients may return to mild activity the same day and regular activity in a week.

Office procedures typically require several sessions depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids. If office treatments fail or if hemorrhoids are more severe, surgical procedures may be recommended.

Dr. Zaghiyan is a colorectal surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. There are many treatment options available for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids. Make an appointment with Dr. Zaghiyan today in her office in Los Angeles for a comprehensive evaluation and tailored plan to treat your hemorrhoids.







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